Halifax Lovin’

  • by Bethany Wells

HalifaxReading week is usually seven days of procrastination, napping, and not  feeling guilty for acquiring a hangover on a school night. However  forgetting that thing called a dissertation I traded this week of duvet  bliss in for connecting flights, jet leg, a spot of snow, and most  importantly a return to the maple-syrup-loving-land. I was in need of  washing away my year abroad blues. Yes this sounds pathetic but you  future year abroaders will experience this indefinitely on arrival back in  Selly Oak. Naturally the only way to do this was to return to the place I  called home last year: Halifax, Nova Scotia – located on the edge of east  coast Canada, but the heart of the Maritimes.

Rather than write a “dear diary” entry and bore the socks off  people I want to explain why Halifax has become one of my favourite  cities that made me return at the first chance I got and why you should  visit this Canadian wonder.

HalifaxHalifax has the promise of a big city with a small town heart.  Offering a slower pace and ridiculously warm hospitality, the Nova  Scotia City makes you feel appreciated and welcome rather than an  anonymous urbanite. Absolute gems of places can be found in the nooks  and crannies — you just have to look a little harder, my Lonely Planet  book didn’t always pick up on these hidden treasures. Downtown is  spoiled with the glories of cheesecake restaurants, vintage stores, live  music bars, delicious sea food places, and more coffee shops than you  can shake a stick at. A must visit place is “The Black Market”. The little  store sitting on Grafton Street proudly attracts attention with its  colourful hand painted exterior. However it is not the eye-catching  external making this place a must see. The inside looks like Aladdin’s  cave. The walls and ceilings are dripping with lots of little twinkly  wonderful delights. An endless collection of handmade jewellery, wall  hangings, lanterns and lots of other things that make the perfect gift or  selfish treat. Everything one of a kind and equally delicious.

After walking through all these culinary and crafty wonders  you are met by the wonderful waterfront. Whether snow, rain, or shine  the boardwalk and the harbour always offer a picturesque view. Down  this part of town you are welcomed by more restaurants, having the  added bonus of looking out over the water. The summer compliments  the waterfront best. There are ice cream shops galore, you can take a  dip in the outside multi-tier swimming pool, and often a baby seal or two can shuffle its way on the boardwalk and show some moves.

halifax-2Is unlikely you will ever be able to say “I was in the area” in  Canada as it’s so bloody huge, but if you ever do get chance to visit  Halifax it won’t disappoint. Going back as a tourist rather than a student  enhanced my vision of this even more. With a maple syrup farm a  stone’s throw away, a hockey stadium located at the heart of the city, the promise of meeting the friendliest people in the world, and a bus ride to the airport costing a single dollar, what are you waiting for?

Beth is in her final year at UoB studying ACS and English Literature


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