Editor’s Letter

San Francisco from Twin Peaks

So this issue of Capitol Letters is all about your year abroad. Having spoken to quite a few second years about their choices for their year abroad, I want to offer a bit of advice that you will have heard repeated a hundred times over during the last couple of weeks.

It REALLY doesn’t matter where you go. You’ll love it. It is absolutely impossible not to. Maybe choose a country first – narrow it down at least a little. You could order them randomly or strategically. First choice or last choice it will be the most fantastic year of your life.

Rather than getting hung up on one university, which can cause ultimate disappointment on the day you find where you’re going, keep an open mind. Each of the universities available have something unique to offer.

A piece of advice that was offered to me when it came to choosing my first choice for the year abroad was to go somewhere that you wouldn’t visit on holiday. And i’d like to pass that on to you. Studying abroad isn’t something that is offered to everyone. There are huge numbers of people that would kill to be in your shoes. So why go somewhere ‘conventional’?

Maybe you have been to Toronto, Alabama, or Chicago on holiday – so why not try somewhere new? I forced myself out of my comfort zone when I went to a university that was in the middle of nowhere, and I know that I made the right decision. I learnt knew things about myself, and discovered places that I would never usually choose to visit, but that I fell in love with.

So, don’t worry – just enjoy the fact that you have a grand list of the most amazing places and universities to choose from. And be satisfied wherever you may end up.

Please don’t hesitate to send any questions at all to letterscapitol@gmail.com.

Good luck!!!

ACS Love, Alice


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