NHL Drop the Puck: 2013-2014 Season

The Rangers playing the Ottawa Senators in Madison Square Garden, NYC

  • by Bethany Wells

New divisions, questionable jerseys, and pre game brawls – the fight for the Stanley cup is back. A few years shy of celebrating its one hundredth birthday, NHL is back for its 97th season ‒ its first regular season in two years since the lockout cut the previous playing year in half.

A summer of transferring has changed the faces of the teams.A summer of designing has changed the jerseys of the teams ‒ unfortunately a fashion faux pas has occurred. The award for the worst goes to Buffalo Sabres with their mustard, canary yellow, grey, and navy garment mash up. The chaos of colours looks more like a Granny’s patchwork quilt than a professional sporting uniform.

The league itself has also had a little makeover. The thirty teams have been divided into two conferences each holding two divisions. The West owns the Pacific and the Central, and the East is in charge of the Atlantic and the Metropolitan. Maybe NHL did it to spice things up or, just maybe, some bright spark realised how big of a continent North America is and finally decided to get clever with geography and game fixtures.

Hockey night in Canada would not be the same without one man: Mr Don Cherry. Cherry ‒ without doubt a marmite characterin the hockey world ‒ appears alongside Ron MacLean on CBC’s Coach’s Corner during intermissions. It can never be predicted what will be more outrageous, his tirades of abuse about teams and players, or his wardrobe choice. It has to be asked if Cherry has struck a side deal with Laura Ashley as the majority of the time he looks like a human
advertisement for wallpaper. The twenty minute periods of play can often cause some decay of attentionbut Cherry’s outrageous persona always ignites the excitement.

Whether you are Maple Leaf fan, or a proud yet slightly ashamed of wearing your jersey Sabres fan, grab your foam finger and enjoy the fights, the beer, Don Cherry, and what will no doubt be an entertaining road to the playoffs.


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