Editor’s Letter

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Welcome to Volume Two Issue One of Capitol Letters. After a long and thankfully quite warm summer we are all settling in and getting ready for the new academic year. I wish all first years good luck in finding their feet and all of the second, third and fourth years luck in getting their hands on FAB tickets each week.

I am excited to be taking over from Kasey Robinson as the editor of Capitol Letters. We have plenty of exciting ideas to develop and expand Kasey’s fantastic start on our Department’s own personal newsletter.

This issue is intended to be a bit of a miss-mash, giving you a taste of what Capitol Letters is all about. I want to encourage as many of you as possible to contribute this year, whether that is attending story meetings or offering ideas for articles. You could write your own article on anything from current news, to music or film reviews. You may to contribute an opinion piece, or shout outs for future society events.

We will be here for all of you preparing to make some big decisions regarding your year abroad placement. Whether that is picking up an issue and hearing from one of our students who has returned from North America, someone who is currently studying, or even if you want a point of reference to get in contact with other ACS students to discuss which university on the other side of the pond might be right for you.

We will also be hearing from our department’s professors on their own exciting projects and work outside of the ACS lecture halls. Kasey’s (rather new) tradition of a “Canadian Special” will follow shortly, so if you have any stories to tell do let us know.

As if you can’t already contain yourself with excitement, we are in the process of developing a careers section so you can delve into the reality of ACS alumni, along with a “Graduate Special” which will be published in late-January.

So, I hope you enjoy our first Issue!

Please submit any questions, ideas or articles to letterscapitol@gmail.com.

ACS love, Alice Froude


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