An Editor’s Letter from Nice

  • by Kasey Robinson

I wrote this piece sitting in my new executive office (family sitting room) in Nice watching the sun beam down on the southern French sea line. It is now just over four months since I submitted my last essay at university; that and my very first introductory lecture still feel like yesterday.

University has without doubt been the most phenomenal experience I have had to date. Three years ago I could never have imagined the adventure I was about to embark on. Even after the 12 hour library days and essay meltdowns, upon graduation day it was all completely worth it. So, no longer a student and trying to make my way in one of France’s most beautiful cities, I now read for pleasure again and take great delight in expressing my rather snobby literary opinions- in both English and French!

I had the idea to create the department newsletter towards the end of second term in second year. At that point I had already worked for the Walt Disney Company in Florida and I was also preparing to leave for Washington DC for the summer months to complete my government internship in the Public Affairs department of the US Navy. I chose both of these summer placements as I was not going to spend a year in America like most of the other students on my course.

After several interrogations regarding the frightful (frightfully dull) Visa application process, plus the countless conversations about what life in America would be like for everyone (aka for me, and for everyone else gallivanting off to North America for their year abroad), it occurred to me that there may be one thing missing from this whole process. Student to student communication.

I felt that if students could document a small part of their time in the US, from visa applications to grocery shopping, that this would create a fantastic insight for so many students getting ready for their own journey on the other side of the pond.

Capitol Letters quickly expanded to a newsletter that included articles on politics, contemporary culture and media, and invited both staff and students to become involved. One year and four newsletters later, I am pleased to say that my ideas will be continued, and hopefully expanded upon.

The editorial reins shall be passed on to Alice Froude, though I wont be far away! Alice and I will be in contact throughout the year to help craft the newsletter towards its greatest potential.

Chasing stories, editing, formatting and publishing is no easy task so I hope that both students and staff will support Alice as much as possible in her time as Editor.

As President of the society, Editor of the Newsletter and JH representative of the Student Staff Liaison Committee I was very involved with the American and Canadian studies department during my final year and I am glad that my time at UoB can be continued with my involvement in the production of the newsletter.

For final years; the reality of no more FAB Saturdays, no selly sausage breakfasts and dream life 12 hour library days will arrive before you know it and it will be time to don the Dementor robes and make the parents proud!

ALL the Red cup love there is,



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