An ACS Society Welcome

  • By Mikaela Blowing and Joe Kerry, Acting ACS Presidents

Hello, and welcome to ‘Capitol Letters’, the University of Birmingham American & Canadian Studies newsletter! Thank for you for picking up / downloading the first of what we hope will be a fantastic run of issues.

This issue will introduce you to this year’s ACS Society team, as well as give you an opportunity to get involved with the society throughout the year.

This is a student-driven newsletter, so feel free to submit a piece to our editor, Alice Froude, at We’re open to submissions on all things American Studies, from film, music, and literature reviews, opinion pieces on current affairs, to retrospectives on significant events and individuals. For those of you who plan to embark on a year abroad, ‘Capitol Letters’ will be a great resource for advice and preparation. To give you an idea as to what the year abroad is all about, each issue will boast features and pictures written by our current year abroad students in North America.

Now, a note from Mikaela and myself on our brand new ACS Society. Are you interested in North American culture, literature, film, food? Have you ever taken a course in the American & Canadian Studies department? Are you an American or Canadian student, studying at the University of Birmingham? Do you want to meet new people? If the answer is yes to any of the above, then we’d love you to join the American and Canadian Studies Society!

This year we want to broaden the society; it’s not just for American & Canadian Studies students. It’s for anyone, in any year, interested in North America in any way. We’re planning to hold some great socials throughout the year, both for those who like a night out and for those who just want to meet new people.

We’re also planning some great ACS socials and events throughout the year.

  • We’re planning a Canadian Thanksgiving event on Monday 14th October (venue TBC).
  • Other upcoming events include film screenings, fancy-dress nights out, American Thanksgiving on Thursday 28th November.
  • We’re also hoping to get in contact with American Studies alumni for a careers event some time in the second semester
  • There’s an intramural netball league and men’s football team for the sporty amongst you.
  • Superbowl 2014, 4th of July, etc etc!

Please join our Facebook Group, ACS Society 2013-2014

Thanks for reading, Red Cup Love!

Joe and Mikaela


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