‘Looper’, Film Review

  • by Charlotte Amer (2nd Year American and Canadian Studies and Film)

Looper (2012) is a futuristic action film based around the concept that in the future, time travel exists but murder does not. The criminal underground misuses one to solve the other; sending people from 2074 to 2044 to be killed. Problems arise when these killers, called Loopers, are being targeted and having their loops shut.

The action begins as Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s character Joe’s loop is presented to him but escapes. The film then becomes saturated with fast-paced action and peppered with comic occurences which, when added to the visuals techniques and use of costume, give it a new, stylish feel. The many references to harkening back to the past are not there without purpose; cyclical processes are a major theme of the film with which fashion is entrusted into completely.

As the pursuit ensues, Joe’s relationship with Sara and her son ensures that he comes to terms with the future ahead of them. Strong performances by Emily Blunt, Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon-Levitt make the film a must-see.


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