New York, New York: Interning in the Big Apple By Sophie Cowling

While I am yet to have a rat run over my feet, cry on the subway or steal a cab from someone when hailing on the street (things which officially qualify you for ‘New Yorker’ status) I have now been living in NYC for three months and it has become my home. I am here … Continue reading

An Intern in Chicago by Jo Goldhawk

I was one of the few of us who decided that we’d go the “unusual” route for our year abroad and apply for the internship program just to see what happens… Before I knew it I had a place to work for the British American Business Council in Seattle (Yes, it says Chicago in the … Continue reading

BABC Intern Hannah Keen talks San Francisco

by Hannah Keen People don’t ever tell you how hard it is to move to a city by yourself and not have a soul you can call a friend. When growing up, your friends are pretty much ready made through school, college and clubs – as kids you have that thing in common, and you’re … Continue reading

Joe Kerry on Ole Miss

Joe Kerry on Ole Miss Unfortunately there are no places available at Ole Miss this year, but Joe’s reflection on the University of Mississippi provides a unique insight into life in the South. When I first arrived in Mississippi, I was struck by the famous ‘Southern Hospitality’ that the state is known for – walking … Continue reading

New Brunswick (Fredericton University)

by Sam Wood Students Going to Canada: Get this at the top of your TO-DO LIST! THE STORY: FIRST AND FOREMOST, the  processing time for a Canadian study permit can  vary tremendously! I had my flight booked for 25th  August 2012, having only applied for my permit 2  weeks before. After I applied I noticed … Continue reading

A Year Abroad in Kansas

by Samantha Tinsdeall ‘Rock Chalk, Jayhawk! KU!’, sunflowers and a sea of red  and blue aptly covers the most memorable motifs of my  year abroad in Lawrence, Kansas. The Midwestern  College is as invested in ‘school spirit’ as the portrayals  of US uni life lead us to believe on screen. The sprawling  campus (hills included … Continue reading

Halifax Lovin’

by Bethany Wells Reading week is usually seven days of procrastination, napping, and not  feeling guilty for acquiring a hangover on a school night. However  forgetting that thing called a dissertation I traded this week of duvet  bliss in for connecting flights, jet leg, a spot of snow, and most  importantly a return to the … Continue reading

Trent University

by Alice Froude Ok so Trent…. Where to start?! I will try and make this as useful as  possible for anyone considering this University. The uni is located in  Peterborough, a very small city about an hour and a half outside of  Toronto. The city doesn’t offer a huge amount to do though there are … Continue reading

University of Connecticut (available on U21)

by Jenna Kirby When I first arrived at the University of Connecticut, I felt completely  overwhelmed. An eight hour flight from London Heathrow to JFK,  followed by a dizzyingly exciting evening spent at a hotel just around the  corner from Times Square, then an early morning Megabus journey to  Storrs had completely exhausted me. The … Continue reading

University of Ottowa

by Kate Harrison Doing a year abroad with university is the best life  choice I have ever made. Moving to Ottawa was a huge  step for me, especially as I have lived at home with my  mum during my studies in Birmingham. Hardly  knowing anything about Ottawa before moving was  both a frightening and exciting … Continue reading


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